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Korean Language and Culture Classes

The Korean Education Center invites young adults to learn conversational Korean and understand Korea correctly, providing the opportunity to learn the practical usage of Korean language and experience Korean culture.

Non-Koreans and overseas Koreans who want to learn Korean language and culture are eligible to join the program.

Course Details
Korean Education Center provide the Korean Language Program with two main sessions: spring/fall, and special session: summer. Students may choose their preferred semester  between two main sessions to begin their Korean language studies.
– Period & hours
(spring/fall session:16 weeks & 1.5 hours per class, summer session:8weeks & 1.5 hours per class)

Schedule and Registration

ClassDescriptionStarting Date
Korean Language
Education Course
Begining, Intermediate
and Advanced composition
and usage courses
in Korean Language
한국어 강좌 1단계
Beginner 1A
(Tue)6:30-8:00 pm
한국어 강좌 1단계
Beginner 1B
(Wed)6:30-8:00 pm
한국어 강좌 2단계
Intermediate 2A
(Mon)6:30-8:00 pm
한국어 강좌 2단계
Intermediate 2B
(Tue)6:30-8:00 pm
한국어 강좌 3단계
Advanced 3A/3B
(Tue)6:30-8:00 pm
Preparation Class
Preparing for TOPIK II
(Test of Proficiency in Korean)

*The academic schedule is subject to change depending on the center's circumstances.

Approximate Period of the sessions:
Spring 1.17~5.13 / Summer 6.6~8.5
TOPIK II 8.19~10.7 / Fall 8.16~12.15
*The confirmed schedule will be made on the homepage announcement from 2weeks before the session starts.

Application Procedure:
Submit the registration form to atlantakec@gmail.com for New students and submit it to each instructor for the Current students. First come first serve based on payment made.

Registration Fee: $50 (Check by mail or Zelle the assigned account)